editing Services for councils 

Helping you to write clearly and concisely about complex issues


The scope of editing services can vary, and can include:

  • working collaboratively on large projects
  • enhancing the clarity and readability of existing content
  • picking up minor errors prior to publication.

The three examples listed below provide more detail on what these different options can look like.

Benefits of hiring me to edit your council documents

I understand your audience — and what they need to know to make an informed decision.

I provide a fresh set of eyes, which is particularly important for large strategies and plans.

I check for consistency with central government legislation and relevant council policies.

Editorial assistance

I helped an asset manager to complete three water-related asset management plans (AMPs) to inform the 2018 Long Term Plan. He started with the stormwater AMP, which I then edited to make as clear and concise as possible. I drew on my cross-council experience (particularly related to freshwater planning) and my current work on that council’s long term plan consultation document to make suggestions regarding relevant legislation and research, and to ensure consistency with the long term plan content.

Then I transferred the common elements of the stormwater AMP into the water supply and wastewater asset management plans. From here, I identified what content in the 2015 versions of the water supply and wastewater AMPs could be retained, and what needed to be updated.

My client wrote the new content (including new levels of service and updates to the improvement plan). Then I completed the editing process for these two asset management plans.

Here’s his feedback: “THANK YOU very much for all your help. It has been superb to have someone else to assist with this process.”

Editing a report

A parks and reserves staff member prepared a draft report. All the thinking had been done, but it wasn’t a good use of his time to spend hours refining the report, and the deadline was looming. This editing process involved:

  • reordering some paragraphs to focus on the most important information first
  • rewording subheadings as active sentences
  • improving the clarity of the text
  • deleting some unnecessary information
  • suggesting the inclusion of some additional information, including relevant community outcomes.

Here’s his feedback: “That’s brilliant to have your review & changes so quickly & it has made everything a lot more readable.” 


I have proofread all of the following document types:

  • long term plans
  • consultation documents
  • financial strategies and funding policies
  • asset and activity management plans
  • annual plans and annual reports.

A communications advisor in a government department provided the following feedback on the proofreading of an annual report: “She was so pleased with your work. There were some ‘real doozies’ picked up, and she was extremely grateful. The style guide was followed to a ‘t’ and she was very happy.”