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I help busy council staff to create high quality documents

If you are overwhelmed by deadlines and feel like you’re constantly on the run, you’re not alone. Demands on local government staff are high you are juggling complex new issues as well as reviewing and updating existing strategies, bylaws and plans.

My services are for people like you. I provide writing and editing services to help busy council staff create documents on time and to a high standard.

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I combine my writing skills with more than 20 years of experience working in the local government sector to prepare documents that are both accurate and easy to understand.

Services include:


I understand the types of documents you need to produce, the needs of your readers, and the legislative context for your work.

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How can I help you?

I help council officers just like you, who care about the quality of your work and achieving positive outcomes for your community and the environment.

I am a stickler for meeting deadlines, so handing over one of your projects means you can breathe easier, knowing it will be sorted for you.


You are an absolute star and we really appreciate the order and efficiency you bring to our deliberations reports Debra .

Margaret Parfitt, Business Unit Manager Transport and Waste, Nelson City Council

I want to acknowledge your superb analytical skills, ability to hone in on the issues and easy report writing style. A pleasure to read. The recommendations are spot on.

Clare Barton, Group Manager Environmental Management, Nelson City Council

Specifically you bring to your team (and to Council) a remarkably positive can-do attitude that is backed up by clear strategic thinking and attention to detail.

Keith Marshall, Chief Executive, Nelson City Council

What I’m Writing About

How to write a policy advice paper

How to write a policy advice paper

I recently completed a series of three policy papers, and noted down the process while it was still fresh in my mind. Please feel free to try this process if you need to write a policy paper (any long-form report with recommendations) for your council. Why a process...

Highlights from the climate change forum

Highlights from the climate change forum

Learning about the Wharekawa Coast 2120 project and how to communicate about climate change, and gaining a better understanding of the upcoming requirements for financial reporting on climate change risks were some of my highlights from a recent climate change forum...

Consultation ideas from the draft National Adaptation Plan

Consultation ideas from the draft National Adaptation Plan

The arrival of the draft National Adaptation Plan is exciting news for everyone in New Zealand who cares about this topic. However, it can be difficult to find the time to read and provide feedback on such a large, complex document. Tailored information That’s why it...