Writing and editing services

for  councils

I help busy council staff to create high quality documents

People who work for councils want to make a real difference to their communities. But it’s a tough job due to uncertainty (including the RMA and Three Waters reforms), disruption (related to Covid-19 and climate change) and the increasing complexity of the issues. Staff shortages can also make it difficult to complete work programmes.

If any of the above is creating stress for your council, I can help.


Writing services for councils

I combine my writing skills with more than 20 years of experience working in the local government sector to prepare documents that are both accurate and easy to understand.

Services include:

Editing services for councils

I understand the types of documents you need to produce, the needs of your readers, and the legislative context for your work.

Services include:

Report Writing Guide

A step by step process for writing and editing your reports.

“Debra is a highly proficient writer and policy analyst. Debra always delivers what she says she will in a professional manner and in a way that is engaging and easily understood.”
Matt Heale, Manager Environment, Nelson City Council

Helping council staff to be successful

I have been providing writing and editing services for council staff since 2014. My clients are usually juggling multiple projects and have significant demands on their time, which makes it difficult for them to find extended, uninterrupted periods of time to write and edit complex documents. I work alongside my clients to understand the issues and options under consideration, and then return to my quiet home office to write documents on their behalf. My clear, concise writing style supports both decision-making and consultation processes.

I am an Associate Member of Taituarā — Local Government Professionals Aotearoa which helps me to keep up to date with local government issues.



Specifically you bring to your team (and to Council) a remarkably positive can-do attitude that is backed up by clear strategic thinking and attention to detail.

Keith Marshall, Chief Executive, Nelson City Council

Your contribution was illustrated by the way you grappled with the dog control policy and bylaw. You remained committed to high quality community engagement through being professional, actively listening and seeking the best solution for our city. You have promoted and demonstrated personal leadership and positive attitudes.

Richard Johnson, Acting Chief Executive, Nelson City Council

I would like to thank Debra Bradley for initiating this series [of articles] and getting me motivated to contribute under her editorial tutelage. Her grasp of these matters is impressive and I would commend her services to councils throughout the country.

David McMahon, Independent Hearing Commissioner and resource management consultant, RMG

What I’m Writing About

Five big ideas from the Local Government Review

Five big ideas from the Local Government Review

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Seven ways to structure your advice

Seven ways to structure your advice

People who work in the local government sector are swimming in information, which is a heady mix of central government and consultants’ reports, scientific data, climate change forecasts, and public feedback. They need to wade through this sea of documents to write...

Three takeaways from a writing workshop

Three takeaways from a writing workshop

Over the past month I have been developing in-depth content for a writing workshop which will include a two-hour overview in the morning and three practical sessions in the afternoon. I have been focusing on making sure I have enough content to provide value for five...