Writing services for  councils

I help busy council staff to create high quality documents

You joined your council to make a difference. But that’s hard to do if you’re always on the run – too busy to think clearly and at risk of being overwhelmed by all the documents you need to complete.

I provide writing and editing services to help you to deliver your projects on time. Then, if you are still too busy, you can use my process improvement service to free up time for your most valuable tasks.

Summary of services



I write documents that are both accurate and easy to understand.

Services include:

  • Writing council documents (including reports, plans and policies)
  • Writing content for councils to support your consultation processes (including consultation documents, website copy and social media posts).


I offer added-value editing for councils because I understand the types of documents you need to produce, your target audience, and the legislative context for your work.

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Process improvements

I offer a structured process to improve your programme or service, and to free up your time for your most valuable tasks. I will:

  • map your current process
  • identify alternative options
  • help you to decide on the best approach for your council.

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What’s inside

This guide shows you how to:

  • tell a compelling story in your report
  • write a first draft more easily
  • rapidly improve your work
  • polish your document.

About me

I help council officers just like you, who care about the quality of your work and achieving positive outcomes for your community and the environment.

I am a stickler for meeting deadlines, so handing over one of your projects means you can breathe easier, knowing it will be sorted for you.

Thanks for your huge contribution to the local government sector through your direct policy work, training and raising the quality of policy analysis and writing.

Mark Tregurtha, Policy Manager,  Department of Internal Affairs

You are an absolute star and we really appreciate the order and efficiency you bring to our deliberations reports Debra .

Margaret Parfitt, Business Unit Manager Transport and Waste, Nelson City Council

I want to acknowledge your superb analytical skills, ability to hone in on the issues and easy report writing style. A pleasure to read. The recommendations are spot on.

Clare Barton, Group Manager Environmental Management, Nelson City Council

Specifically you bring to your team (and to Council) a remarkably positive can-do attitude that is backed up by clear strategic thinking and attention to detail.

Keith Marshall, Chief Executive, Nelson City Council

What I’m Writing About

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