submission summaries 

Focus on the big picture (while I take care of the submission details)

I can help with your consultation process by summarising submissions, and presenting this information in a way that makes it as easy as possible for a council committee to make decisions. My step by step process for summarising and reporting on submissions is available in the resources section of this website, and will give you a detailed understanding of this service.

Benefits of hiring me to write your submission summary

Technical staff don't get 'lost in the weeds' of the individual submission details. Instead, they gain valuable time to develop thoughtful responses to the most significant issues raised in the submissions.

Councillors receive a well-structured deliberations report, and a comprehensive yet concise summary of submissions, to support their decision making process.

Submitters can see their submissions have been seriously considered, building trust in the democratic process.

Need help?

Please feel welcome to contact me to discuss your project.

Email or  phone 021 215 4698

Free guide


Summarising and reporting on submissions

My guide to summarising and reporting on submissions is available in the resources section of this website. You are also most welcome to download a PDF version of this guide for future reference.