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Almost everyone working in local government is involved in writing and editing in some way even though that’s not always what attracts engineers, parks, community services and environmental professionals to work for a council.

I work alongside subject experts to learn about an issue and the options to address it, and to access relevant resources. Then I use your council’s report or plan format to draft documents for your review.

Benefits of hiring me to write your council documents

√ Focused attention on your project to meet your deadlines

I work on one project at a time in a quiet home office. This makes it much easier for me to complete large writing projects in a timely way. 

√ Understanding of the legal context

I know how to refer to the latest legislation and other direction from central government, and to reflect legal advice in your documents.

√ Council-wide experience

I have worked on a wide range of council documents including: resource management plans, bylaws, non-regulatory environmental plans and policies, transport plans, and community services activity management plans.

Examples of my work

Reporting on public feedback

A wide range of feedback was provided on a parking strategy and an active transport strategy. I summarised this information and wrote draft reports with recommendations for review by the council officers.

Client feedback:

“You are an absolute star and we really appreciate the order and efficiency you bring to our deliberations reports Debra .”


Margaret Parfitt | Business Unit Manager, Transport and Solid Waste

Nelson City Council


Environmental grants policy and process

Staff had been supporting individuals and community organisations to carry out planting and fencing projects for a number of years through provision of plants, advice, contracted services and assistance with fencing costs. Formalising this work with a policy on what grants would be available and setting up a process for assessing applications, providing support and keeping records, will contribute to the provision of efficient, fair and transparent support services.

Client feedback:

“Thanks for all your fantastic work on this Debra. It is much appreciated.”

Infrastructure Strategy

Many different people need to contribute to an infrastructure strategy which can lead to multiple different writing styles and levels of detail being included in a document. Setting up meetings with subject experts to ask the relevant questions and having one person responsible for writing the document was an efficient process for staff. It also enabled the council to express its approach to strategic challenges in a clear, consistent way.

Client feedback:

“Kudos from many councillors on how well written and structured the document was.”

Reporting on a complex issue

A client had a complex issue to discuss with councillors, and we knew from the start that the report would need multiple revisions following its review by different people. My client provided me with the background information and I drafted a first version of the report. Since then we have passed the report between us, as more information has been added and subtracted from the report.

Client feedback:

“I have just made your corrections. I can’t tell you how incredibly grateful I am for your amazing attention to detail and understanding of the topic. Your suggestions make such good sense.”

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