consultation documents 

Publish consultation documents that engage your readers

I can help you with the full range of formal and informal consultation documents, drawing on my experience with resource management plans, bylaws and long term plan processes. In all cases, I will focus on writing concise, interesting content to engage with your target audience.

Benefits of a high quality consultation document

√ Enables communication

The public will understand what is being proposed and it will be easy for them to provide feedback.

√ Builds trust

It supports a smooth consultation process that builds trust with the community.

√ Meets legal requirements

The consultation requirements of the Local Government Act 2002 are met.

Examples of my work

District Plan summary documents

This project involved using discussion documents as the basis for two-page summaries for each District Plan topic – coming up with a structure for the summaries and drafting the content. The next step was to revise the longer discussion documents to create a consistent format, and to resolve inconsistencies between the references in the discussion document content and the sources (including legislation, regulations, regional plans and district plans).


Client feedback:

“We are super grateful for your input into our District Plan discussion documents. They are coming together really well!”

Katherine Overwater | Senior Resource Management Planner

Kaipara District Council


LTP consultation document

This project involved sourcing content from a range of formal reports to Council, and rewriting this in a way that made it easy for the public to provide their feedback on the key issues.


Client feedback:

“This is looking very good, well done.”

Glyn Walters | Communications Manager

Marlborough District Council


Summary of resource management  issues

This project involved the review of detailed issues papers in order to bring together easy-to-read, yet scientifically robust, summaries of each regional issue. This included a number of freshwater, coastal, land use and urban development topics.


Client feedback:

Now that we’ve got all the work together in one place, we can see it is looking really good!

Julia Forsyth | Principal Planning Advisor

Environment Canterbury


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