writing support

Empower your staff to write high quality documents

If you are responsible for reviewing and approving council documents, it’s likely you have come across a few that need improvement.

If you don’t have time to show a staff member how to improve their documents, I can help. I will work alongside your staff member to bring their current documents up to the required standard, and to equip them with the skills and the confidence to write high quality documents in future. Developing this core skill will set them up for success in their current role and their long term career.

Benefits of developing writing skills at your council

Writing is a core skill for almost all council roles.

Well-written documents allow senior staff to focus on the issues in the documents, rather than on improving the words.

Quality writing supports quality decison-making.

Need help?

Please feel welcome to contact me to discuss your project.

Email [email protected] or  phone 021 215 4698

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