polishing your documents

Complete your  documents to a high standard

If you have spent months writing a complex document it can be very difficult to do that final edit, or to write a comprehensive yet concise executive summary. That’s because you are so close to the content – and quite possibly in need of a break from thinking about it!


I can read your document with fresh eyes to identify any sentences that can be simplified, or inconsistencies in the text or numbers. I can also carry out a more substantial editing process to improve the quality of the writing, if required.

Executive summary

Combining the editing process with preparation of an executive summary also makes sense. Having just read the document, I am in a good position to identify what needs to be included in the summary. I will look for the information that tells the story about the key issues and your proposed approach to addressing them. I will then rewrite these key points to achieve a consistent tone throughout the summary.


I am also happy to format your document using styles and templates. And if you don’t already have a suitable template in place, I can arrange for a graphic designer to create options for you. Once you decide on your preferred template, I will then apply this to your Word document.

Benefits of polishing your document

A professional looking document that enhances the credibility of the content.

An executive summary that is easy to read and covers all the key points.

Confidence that you won't find errors or inconsistencies after you print.

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