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I write and edit documents for council staff

I help busy council staff to create high quality documents


If you need to share technical information in a user-friendly way, I can help. My services include editing technical documents, writing executive summaries, consultation documents and reports, as well as summarising and reporting on submissions.

I aim to fill the gap between the technical information developed by planners, engineers and other subject experts and the content prepared by communications staff. With more than 20 years of experience in the local government sector, I have a good understanding of the issues you deal with, the types of documents you need, and who will be reading them.

How i can help you

Polishing your documents

I step in after you have done the hard yards of writing your technical document. I can help with editing, writing a high quality executive summary, and with formatting to enhance the  visual appeal of your document.

Click here for DIY resources and for assistance with your document.

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Submission summaries

Consultation processes work best when submitters can see their views are being listened to and taken seriously.

This requires a concise yet comprehensive submission summary and report from which to make informed decisions.

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Consultation documents

Concise, interesting consultation documents enable councils to make informed decisions based on a wide range of feedback.

Click here for DIY resources and direct help with resource management and LTP consultation documents.

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Writing support

This service helps council staff to complete their current documents, while also giving them the confidence and ability to write high quality documents in future.

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Need help?

Please feel welcome to contact me to discuss your project.

Email [email protected] or  phone 021 215 4698

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